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In the financial district and Lower Manhattan area of New York, New York, Dr. Prem Chattoo serves the community as a Gastroenterologist. One of the areas of focus for Dr. Chattoo is weight loss solutions. As patients seek out medically approved weight loss methods, Dr. Prem Chattoo provides such treatments.

Weight Loss Q & A

What kind of weight loss treatments are medically approved?

When searching for weight loss advice, the most common issue is a lack of authority on the subject. That’s why individuals should always seek out medical authorities for the correct ways to lose weight. FDA approved weight loss treatments are provided by medical doctors, including gastroenterologists. By seeking weight loss help from a doctor, individuals can be diagnosed, monitored, and treated with the oversight of a medical professional. This reduces the instance that dangerous weight loss methods are utilized. Dr. Chattoo strives to provide effective, seamless weight loss procedures and treatments that help the patient lose weight and improve digestive health.

Why can't I lose weight?

Dr. Chattoo utilizes both surgical and non-surgical procedures to ensure that each patient is treated perfectly for their weight loss needs. Many times, doctors do not take account the different metabolism or bodily needs of each patient. Dr. Chattoo not only treats each patient like family but also offers keen insight on the specific inner workings of an individual's digestive system. Furthermore, Dr. Chattoo has specialized in non-surgical treatments that have demonstrated effective weight loss. For more information about this procedure, please read about our Orbera weight loss solution. 

Should I consider weight loss drugs?

Weight loss drugs do have the potential to help individuals lose weight. However, not all of these drugs are safe or effective. The weight loss substances sold over the counter or on TV are not backed by medical authorities who are in charge of patients. Therefore, these types of weight reducing substances should be avoided. Instead for individuals hoping to take weight loss drugs, they should seek the advice of their physician. While drugs for losing weight aren’t effective or safe for everyone, they can help individuals lose five to 10 percent of their body weight in a year. Before a doctor will prescribe a person weight loss pills, they will want to do a thorough examination. Additionally, the doctor may require the patient to try lifestyle changes, such as exercise, in order to lose weight first. 

Why should I want to lose weight?

In a society where weight is a big issue, some people simply don’t see the point. However for individuals who are overweight or obese, this has negative effects on their blood pressure, lipid levels, blood glucose levels, and insulin sensitivity. To lose five to 10 percent of their total body weight over a year’s time could provide an overall improvement in these individuals' general health. Dr. Chattoo makes sure that a patient walks away not only looking good, but feeling good about the health of their body. 



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